PART 1 4 sources 500 words APA format 1. Why do many in the computer community oppose the use of “hacker” to describe cybercriminals? Can a meaningful distinction be drawn between hacking and cracking? What kind of hacking can be justified on either legal or ethical grounds? 2. Research the Pirate Bay Trial: Guilty Verdict . What implications does the conviction of the four cofounders of the Pirate Bay Web site in 2009 have for international attempts to prosecute intellectual property crimes globally? Should the four men also have been required to stand trial in all of the countries in which copyrighted material had been downloaded from their Web site? Will the outcome of the Pirate Bay trial likely deter entrepreneurs, worldwide, from setting up future P2P sites that allow the illicit file sharing of copyrighted material?  What is your opinion of the case. PART 2 4 sources 500 words APA format 1. Research international laws designed to combat crime in cyberspace. What are some problems in enforcing international crime laws and treaties?  How can biometric technology be used to fight cybercrime and cyber-related crimes internationally? What controversies does the use of this technology raise? 2. What exactly is cyberterrorism? What is information warfare? How can information warfare be distinguished from cyberterrorism? 3. If complete security in cyberspace were possible, would it be desireable?  Explain. Is total security in cyberspace  a reasonable goal?  Why or why not? Give examples to support your answers. Sources Part II Threats and Vulnerabilities – Chapter 12 – The Psychology of Computer Criminals – Computer Security Handbook Part II Threats and Vulnerabilities – Chapter 14 – Information Warfare – Computer Security Handbook Part V – Detecting Security Breaches – Chapter 55 – Cyber Investigations – Computer Security Handbook Part V – Detecting Security Breaches – Chapter 61 – Working with Law Enforcement – Computer Security Handbook Article – Federal Bureau of Investigations: Cyber Investigations ( Website for this Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) division whose initiatives center on computer intrusions, online sexual predators and child pornography, anti-piracy and intellectual property rights, and organized crime involving Internet fraud. Article – Similarities and differences between organized crime and terrorism. Internal Security, 7 (2), 53-70. doi:

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