Welcoming Children and Families: A Family Resource Guide [WLO: 2] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4] One of the keys to a successful early learning environment is building a strong foundation with children and families. For your Final Project, you will have the opportunity to create an informational packet aimed at helping children and families make a smooth transition into your early learning environment. To prepare for this assignment, · Refer to the Week 5 Guidance for further tips and examples that will support your success on this assignment · Review and download the Week 5 Exemplar Template · Read the required and recommended resources for this week. o Remember that any applicable resource used throughout this course can support the requirement for four scholarly resources for this assignment. · If you did not begin the development of your ePortfolio in ECE 101, read Portfolium Student Guide to help you set up your ePortfolio. · Choose from one of the following age ranges: o Infancy: Birth – 12 months o Toddler: 1 – 3 years o Early childhood: 4 years – 8 years Scenario: You are in the process of preparing your learning environment for a new set of children. To help families and children have a successful transition into your classroom, you have decided to put together a resource guide to give to families. This guide will serve as a resource that your families will use throughout the year to help them have a better understanding of who you are as a professional, how you will create a positive learning environment, the resources they have available to them, and why you believe a strong home-school connection is important. Based on your chosen age range, include the following in your Family Resource Guide: Section 1: Personal Introduction · Complete a short personal bio that includes the following: o Provide your name, location, and something about yourself that your families would find interesting o Describe why you chose to become an early childhood professional and what you love about working with children in this age range (be sure you are specific about the age range). o Explain what you believe are the most important indicators of professionalism that you possess. Review your Planning for the Future discussion post that you finished earlier this week post to help you complete this section. Section 2: Importance of Early Learning · Explain the important role that high quality care can have on a child’s overall growth and development. · Identify two key theories of child development (e.g., Gardner, Vygotsky, Piaget, Skinner, Bronfenbrenner, etc.) that resonate with you as an early childhood professional. o Describe each theory and its connection to Developmentally Appropriate Practice within the classroom. Review your Developmental Theory: Your Toolbox discussion post from Week 2 to help you complete this section · Discuss at least one way in which you differentiate learning experiences based on typical development, atypical development, and culture. Review your Typical or Atypical Development? discussion post from Week 1 to help you complete this section. Section 3: Environment · Include a picture of the layout of your ideal classroom. Describe how your room design reflects the way you believe children learn best. · Using the description from your Developmentally Apprpriate Practice: The Key discussion in Week 2, create a classroom layout using the Classroom Architect (Links to an external site.) or to the Gliffy (Links to an external site.) · (Links to an external site.) Explain how your learning environment (for your chosen age range) nurtures the development of every child in each of the domains listed below. Cognitive · Describe the specific classroom practices or strategies that reflect your philosophy of how to support young children’s cognitive development. Social/emotional · Describe at least one of the ways you support the development of children’s positive self-concept and growing social/emotional skills. · Refl…

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