Read the attached article (you will need to print this out to annotate or can annotate electronically).

Annotate article: “A Defense of Politically Correct Language” by Ellen McGirt (not to be confused with the article you already read “In Defense of Political Correctness”)

  • To help with a bit of context, this article was published before our last Presidential election.

You can download the word document: (document down below)

or go to the link: Link (Links to an external site.)

Through annotations clearly identify the following (should clearly show thinking process)

  1. Identify author’s main point
  2. Identify PC language
  3. Connotative & denotative words/phrases
  4. any euphemism’s, clichés, sneer words, double speak?
    1. your own reactions/questions/comments, etc.


Annotation Rubric (1)

Annotation Rubric (1)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDescription of criterion

5.0 pts

Thoughtful and Insightful

Ample margin notes. Insightful margin notes with many connections made beyond the text. Outstanding effort

4.0 pts

Acceptable and Liberal

Sufficient margin notes. Literal margin notes shows understanding of text; sufficient effort.

3.0 pts

Attempted Annotation

Some margin notes, some effort was into annotating.

2.0 pts

Partial and Incomplete Annotation

Few Margin notes. Notes may show confusion and little effort was put into annotations.

1.0 pts

Confused and Inaccurate

Very few annotations, very little effort

5.0 pts

Total Points: 5.0

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