Research Paper Guidelines

Humanities 1101

Each student will write a 5-7 pages paper using MLA format about a topic as it relates to Humanities. The topic suggestions are listed below. If you choose to do another topic, it must be approved.

The first step is to choose a topic and write a prospectus and submit a bibliography.

A prospectus is one paragraph which identifies your topic, the thesis statement, and why you chose this particular topic. The bibliography is a list of 10 sources you plan to use once you begin to write y our paper. You can only have one website. All other sources must be books, journals, newspapers, movies, magazines, etc. The bibliography must be done by MLA format.

Information regarding MLA format will be included in this folder. Please adhere to the rules regarding the format as it relates to MLA format.

Topics-These are general topics. Your job is to choose a topic and narrow the topic to a thesis statement which should include two to three supporting details which becomes your research.

1. Perspective Pathways to Greater Human Flourishing

2. Artists in Times of War

3. Contemporary Music and Political Commentary

4. The Application of Socrates to 21st Century Western Democracy

5. Appalachian Language and Regional Identity

6. The Harlem Renaissance in the African American Experience

7. The Humanities and Definitions of Freedom

8. The Age of Enlightenment

9. The Reformation in Art

10. American Distress and Contemporary Art

11. Theology and Medicine

12. Social Darwinism

13. Historical Tension Between Science and Religion

14. Human Subcultures

15. Gender and the Education Experience

16. Color and the Education Experience

17. The Industrial Revolution and Human Identity

18. Photography in Shaping Public Opinion

19. Social Media and Modern Human Interactions

20. The Printing Press and Dissemination of Ideas

21. Racism and the Human Family Unit

22. Human Beings and Violence

23. Human and Animal Sacrifice in Religion

24. The Odyssey and Gender Expectations

25. Non-governmental organizations (NGO) in international law

26. Regulatory process and public input

27. Religious Freedom Restoration Act

28. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act

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