Describe the narrative path that you plan to take. For example, do you plan to start by describing the social science issue and ultimately lead the audience to the logic as to why they should care? Do you plan to open with your research question? Do you plan to use an overarching analogy? Do you think the narrative of your presentation will work best as a single story or as a series of examples?

As you continue working on Project Two, you may choose to structure your presentation differently. You can always edit this response later!

2.In your opinion, was this TED Talk engaging? Did you want to keep listening? Why or why not? Make special note of any times you felt lost or confused while viewing the presentation or trying to follow along with any technical concepts Ornish used to explain his work.

3.After listening to the talk, do you feel personally connected to the issue? Why or why not? If you were on a committee of people determining whether to approve funding for Ornish’s work, would you agree to provide him more funding? Why or why not?


Now think about your own presentation. Of course, you are not finished constructing the presentation; however, consider what you have done so far. At this stage you have finished two slides, the narrative structure and elements, the description of the social science issue, and an appeal to the audience as to why they should care.

Provide yourself some honest feedback. What areas of your presentation need the most work? How do you plan to adjust your presentation so that you communicate your research effectively?

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