The acronym ‘STARS’ refers to ‘Stronger Together Advocating Resources Survivors a four minute speech from one of the following topics I do like that you have the acronym in the speech and think that should stay.

What actions or ideas should implement, to guarantee our organization will,“Reach Beyond the STARS”and how specifically, is the acronym, “STARS”relevant to this goal?

I want to talk about this topic because this organization does not have asocial media or YouTube present. I want to list reasons why they should embrace the technology and not shy away from it.This is the organization website.

This organization is made up of the older generations (like the silent generation and generation x) and do not understand technology. My idea is to have virtual meeting in which will get the younger generation involved since we (younger generation) are online already we understand and can use GoogleHangout and have 10 people on a virtual call and get them to participate and it is free and allows the organization to reach beyond the people in the room. I also think we (the organization) should have more of social media present so that membership does not drop and we can get more support from the public. I want to introduce a YouTube channel because it is free to start being a youtuber which gives us more social media coverage and also we can get paid by the ads that run in the videos. The Videos I would like to post is special guest speakers, young careerist speeches, meetings, events, etc. This is and untapped source of income for this organization, and everyone, needs money so why not post what we are doing. Also the membership has been dropping from the organization and it could be several reasons, but I think it is because the younger generation just does not understand or know about the organization and that is because of the lack of social media present.Once the social media present gets rolling I believe that we should be able to get a shop up and going on the website with merchandise which would also give people the option to buy other BPW merchandise in and outside the state. This could become a great big money maker over the years.

As you can tell this is where my passion is since I feel like a fish out of water around these women. There is about 100 women in my district and I am the youngest at 35 (I know can you believe it). I want to make my mission to get the younger generation involved and possible join this organization. I hope this helps a bit about what I want the speech to be about. As always thank you so much for all you do!

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