I have attach article about 3D Printing Biomatrials. The goal of this assignment is for you to explain a technical paper from a primary scientific journal to a nonscientific audience. Your goal as the author of the paper is to clearly convey the science within the paper and its relevance to a general audience.

IntroThis section should be comprised of a description of the topic you are addressing and its significance. Catch my attention!

DiscussionWhat have the papers authors proposed and how did they research it, including the appropriate background for a general audience.

EvaluationWhat is your opinion based on what you have read in THIS paper?

Conclusions Recap and summarize.


The length of the paper is 800-1200 words of body text. Format is to be submitted in 12pt Times New Roman with 1.5 line spacing and 1” margins

Note : No citations of any type are necessary

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