watch this video and answer the question

In Chapter 1 of “Ways of Seeing”, John Berger states that, “The invention of the camera changed the way men saw. The visible came to mean something different to them.”. Discuss two of the following areas in which Berger asserts that changes occurred. USE ONE EXAMPLE, either Berger’s or your own,(Do not use other peoples example or online) to illustrate your choices. Do you agree or disagree with Berger? Why?

a) Assumptions concerning the idea of perspective in Classical Painting

b) The ways in which artists addressed this change in perspective.

c) Demystification of the past (history).

d) Empowering the masses (the middle and lower classes).

e) The way in which images represent time.

f) The status of the original work of art in relation to its reproduction.

g) The contextual (relative) meaning of an image in relation to other images.

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