Read this poem by Diane Gilliam Fisher (Source:

in a 250-500 word paper, describe the following

elements of the poem/address the following points:

In the opening paragraph, explain the subject matter (what the poem is about, what is being

represented), and also explain the content (what this subject matter means or reveals—the

larger meaning).


this is your interpretation of the subject matter and content—you

simply need to back it up with solid evidence and explanation.

Point out, describe, and analyze some of the significant images being created by the poet; how

do these images carry, advance, and/or reveal the content of the poem? Are the images used

metaphors or similes? What are the images comparing, and what effect does the comparison

have? Are the metaphors being used “perceptual” (evoking things we might actually see, if we

were in this place, in this moment) or “conceptual” (evoking much larger ideas or concepts,

rather than actual objects)?

Point out, describe, and analyze anything in the poem that you would define as a “symbol,” an

object that stands in for something


stated explicitly.

Describe and analyze the specific word choices (diction) Fisher makes. What effect do these

specific words have in the poem? Explain. Include any patterns of assonance (repeated vowel

sounds) or consonance (repeated consonant sounds) that you notice/think are significant.

When quoting specific lines or words, use the proper MLA citation. For help with this, see the materials

linked in Course Content for citing poetry, literature, and drama in MLA.

At the end of your paper, provide a works cited page for the poem, using the information below and the

URL provided at the top of this document:

Diane Gilliam, “Deed” from Dreadful Wind & Rain Copyright © 2017 by Diane Gilliam. Reprinted by permission of Red Hen Press.

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