A 2000 word paper based on a play, “The playboy of Seville” and answer 9 questions based on the play- include references and cited properly. 1. What kind of person enjoys depriving a woman of her honor (virginity)? 2. Why is stealing her self image somehow sweeter when the woman involved is about to be married? 3. Why is the ploy sweeter still if he promises to be her husband afterward? 4. Is there then a certain irony associated with the fact that Don Juan is supposed to be married near the end of the play? 5. Do some men chase after women to prove to themselves that they are actually men after all? 6. Do you have friends who fit into this pattern? (Be sure to cite examples from your reading of the play.) 7. Which character did you find repulsive, repugnant or both? 8. Which character did you admire or at the very least feel empathy toward by the end of the play? 9. Does this play have something to contribute to the current debate over sexual harassment in America?

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