Data Gathering Methods gave you a good range of information related to possibilities and alternatives to acquire relevant information for your action research efforts. Additionally, Stringer (2014) provides descriptions of a variety of methods of obtaining data. Having more than one source of data to speak to an issue usually strengthens the credibility of the results of research.

Identify an area of organizational performance in your organization that would potentially benefit from action research (this may be the same problem you are using as your action research project topic for this class). Describe, by applying and citing references, two data gathering methodologies that could be used to generate credible data in this particular area. Additionally, describe how the results could be synthesized by end-users.


Sandow and Allen (2005) present a novel way of understanding how collaborative social systems arise and generate innovations in Hewlett-Packard. They place great emphasis on learning to listen, having the other understand you understand them, and trust. Remember that your initial post response needs to be a thorough and focused discussion to the three key components of the question.

Read the following, and then respond to the questions below.

Sandow, D., & Allen, A. M. (2005). The nature of social collaboration: How work really gets done. Reflections: The Sol Journal, 6(2/3), 1–14.

  1. Analyze the Sandow and Allen article in terms of what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the study.
  2. Give consideration to both format and content.
  3. As you respond to your classmates’ postings, you are encouraged to create a rousing debate about the degree to which this article provides credible and convincing evidence.
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