Chapter 1 of your textbook includes consequences of public policy. Searching the Waldorf Online Library, select a local, national, or international public policy topic, and identify the pros and cons of the policy. Examine how the policy was formulated and which stakeholders were involved in the process. What were each stakeholder’s responsibilities? Also, evaluate whether the policy creates a benefit for one group while other groups experience problems or concerns because of the public policy. Your paper must be in APA style. This includes a title page, one-inch margins, double-spacing, in-text citations, and a reference page. Level headings are also encouraged to help organize your paper. Your paper must be at least three pages in full length, not including the title and reference pages. Reference: Dye, T. R. (2017). Understanding public policy (15th ed.). Pearson. Baehler, K. J. (2017). International Public Policy Analysis. Journal of Policy Analysis & Management , 36 (2), 484–488. See attachment below.

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