The 1985 movie The Breakfast Club
and for one of the questions it asks if I have seen the movie before and yes I have seen it before
Please focus on Social class as the topic

The first three questions are foundational which will set up your analysis. No more than 1/4 of the paper should be focused on these three questions. The next five questions are the core part of this paper – the sociological analysis of the movie. Throughout the paper you must utilize terms, concepts, and theories from class readings and powerpoints that ground your sociological analysis of this movie. In other words: How does sociology help you better understand the way that the chosen social position is illustrated in media? This is your opportunity to illustrate your understanding of concepts that we have discussed this term.

Why did you choose this movie? What makes it a good movie to use for this assignment?
What is the genre of the movie?
What is the plot of the movie? This synopsis should provide the reader with a brief idea of the plot of the movie, in order to ground the analysis.
How is the chosen social position illustrated in the movie? How does this impact the experience of the main characters? Other characters in the movie?
Are there stereotypes presented? What are they? Does the portrayal uphold or subvert stereotypes?
How does intersectionality impact the story and portrayal of characters in the movie?
Does the setting/location and time period of the movie impact the way social positions are illustrated?
Had you seen this movie before completing this assignment? How did applying a sociological analysis change the way you viewed this movie?
In essence you should paint a clear picture of how Social Class, Race, OR Gender is illustrated in the chosen movie. A good way to think about this is how different would this movie be if the main character(s) were a different race or if they were in a different social class. Be specific when answering. Rich description and explanations will earn you a better grade – talk about age, physical appearance, scenery, dynamics between the characters, words used, etc.

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