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The stigmas of mental illness and substance abuse

In this week’s discussion the introduction elaborates on how most state psychiatric hospitals were shut down decades ago leaving patients in need for long term care, out on the streets homeless or in jail. When we look at the results from this happening from a legislation or policy efforts standpoint it is clear no progress has been made, for it has only got worse. “Major Depressive Episode (MDE) increased from 8.66 percent to 13.01 percent of youth ages 12-17. Now over two million youth have MDE with severe impairment”. And has done the same for Adults” (mhanational).

From a national Policy perspective, I believe its time enact and be proactive with the State of Mental Heath across the nation funding could be granted to start up placements for individuals to seek help suffering from Mental Illness. Here in my home State of Michigan I am seeing progress from congress opening up local Mental Health Hospitals in the surrounding Detroit area.

As a Human Resource provide, I would ensure my clients that I will do my best to seek services fitting their needs and follow up with any resources I may come across.

The unique needs I would investigate to planning service for them is lack of family support. Throughout my current profession of working with kids and Adults, I notice lack of family support, there is no one they can talk with aside from myself, or a doctor, no close relative in sight leaving them to feel hopeless, and continue in depression, or their addiction. Their state of mindset would also be a clue indicator based on conversation and follow up, Asking a series of questions could assist me as I plan services for the patient assuring them they will get the right plan of treatment in the future.

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Herzberg, J. T. (2015). Foundations in human services practice: A generalist perspective on individual, agency, and community. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey:

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