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There is a currently a major health care crisis in the United States which includes; eroding coverage, a rise in healthcare cost, a large number of people who do not have health insurance, an increase in deductibles and fees for those covered by private insurance, and continual increase in government contributions towards health care. While the majority of US citizens have access to health insurance through their employers, or agencies, 13 % are without health insurance, and there are many single adults who are not offered insurance through employment and do not qualify for governmental health coverage. Medicare is available to person who are 65 and older and medicaid is available to families with children who fall below the poverty line; however there is little to no coverage available to single adults who live in poverty. Because of the large number of citizens who are uninsured and are unable to get regular medical care and wellness visits, their has been an increase in emergency rooms visits, which adds to the increases government spending for healthcare. The major concern is that rapid increases in health care spending can affect major economic indicators such per capita GDP, employment and inflation. ( 2018) Although there is a constant increase in healthcare cost in the United States, it is not reflected in the overall health of the citizens, which in my opinion makes it a nonworking system; when compared to other countries, US citizens have a higher infancy fatality rate, pay more for health insurance, the life expectancy rate is shorter, and the dollar amount contributed by the government is significant less.

In the attempts to reduce cost, the government has incorporated programs such a Care Managers, and Care Coordinators, to try and improve the way medicaid dollars are being spent. Studies show that many people who have medicaid and struggle with chronic illnesses, do not receive regular medical care and wellness visits; many of them receive urgent and emergency care, because their conditions are not being managed. Medicaid now offers Care Managers to children and adult, who live with chronic conditions, and struggle with managing their diagnosis. Care Managers ensure that their clients are connected to appropriate specialist, take medications regularly, attend necessary appointments, and that all their social needs are met. This program started 3 years ago, in hopes of reducing the cost of medicaid dollars spent throughout the US, and increasing the amount of coverage available to other citizens in need. It is unsure at this time, whether this programing is working and reducing cost, and if the program would be enough to improve health care coverage for others.
The increase in the cost of governmental healthcare will affect Human Services providers because they will have to pay increases in taxes, which may affect their ability to provide health coverage to their employees. They will also eventually have less government funding, which will decrease their ability to provide other necessary resources to clients like; access to food, housing, and other necessary resources. Another problem Human Services providers face in addition to increased taxes is the increasing cost for health coverage, high premium cost, and deductibles for employees; It is becoming more expensive to provide private insurance to their employees.

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