GUIDELINES for Lysistrata paper (Ancient Greece)- DUE OCTOBER 8


1) FORMAT (20 points): a) Your paper must have a minimum of 1200 and must include a COVER PAGE.. Be aware that the Cover page is not to be counted as part of the essay word count ; b) Follow closely the format required for the Cover page & for Written Assignments ; c) The paper must be submitted as an attached WORD document ; d) Avoid the use of direct quotes from the Primary reading. There will be a considerable deduction of 5 points on your paper grade if the Format requirements are not observed.

The following elements should be part of the literary analytical essay:

2) INTRODUCTION (25 points): a) Include a brief introduction discussing the importance of Theater in Ancient Greece in general; b) Refer to the historical, cultural and socio-political context in Athens at the time Aristophanes wrote and presented this comedy; c) Explain if there is any reflection of these events in the comedy.

3) SUMMARY (24 points): an original brief summary of what you read (Primary Reading).

4) ANALYSIS (31 points): an Original in-depth analysis of the primary source (i.e., go beyond re-telling the story). Include the following:

  • What is the main theme in Lysistrata?
  • What the author is trying to tell you through the characters of Lysistrata in this comedy.
  • What do you think Aristophanes wanted his characters to represent for the Athenian audience of his time?
  • What is the message that Aristophanes wants to convey to his audience at the time?
  • Why Aristophanes choose a woman as protagonist and as the leading character in Lysistrata?; Why given women, in general, such important role in Athenian society?

Clearly stated Insights, Clarity of Language and No assumptions outside the Primary Reading will be part of the ANALYSIS assessment.

Be advised that 1) plagiarism will not be tolerated. The content of your paper must be original. That is to say, your own thoughts and analysis after careful reading of the primary source. No secondary resources allowed, other than the course textbook and your notes on Lectures, class discussions and assigned Documentary videos. All secondary information, from these allowed sources, must be properly attributed.

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