Mainpost Case study: JC, an at-risk 86-year-old Asian male is physically and financially dependent on his daughter, a single mother who has little time or money for her father’s health needs. He has a hx of hypertension (HTN), gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), b12 deficiency, and chronic prostatitis. He currently takes Lisinopril 10mg QD, Prilosec 20mg QD, B12 injections monthly, and Cipro 100mg QD. He comes to you for an annual exam and states “I came for my annual physical exam, but do not want to be a burden to my daughter.” Discussion: Diversity and Health Assessments Introduction Health care providers should exhibit knowledge of population diversity and treat all patients with respect regardless of their culture and belief system. This is essential in understanding patient’s lifestyle, and behavior which may affect their health care. Accepting patient’s culture in a nonjudgmental manner creates a unique relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider. Therefore, APRN’s should be cognizant of patient’s culture, beliefs, lifestyle, and socioeconomic status as it relates to healthcare. A culturally competent healthcare provider accustoms his/herself to the exclusive needs of patients with cultures that are different from his or her own. Being accustomed to the belief’s and values of a patient lays the foundation for a trusting patient-provider relationship (Ball et al., 2019). Socioeconomic, Spiritual, Lifestyle, and Cultural Factors Associated with the Patient The case study presents an 86-year-old Asian male that is physically and financially dependent on his daughter who is a single mother with little money to care for the patient’s healthcare needs.  Understanding the Asian culture is relevant to providing care to this elderly patient.  I will verify patient’s preferred language, ask about patient’s preference with a healthcare provider regarding race or ethnicity, gender, and age. Ensuring respect for this patient despite his financial and physical dependency will encourage a trusting relationship between the patient and the health care provider. Asian culture is known to teach respect for parents and family is a priority over self. Additionally, in Asian culture adult children are required to make financial, physical, and social sacrifices for their parents that are aging (Miyawaki, 2015). As a healthcare provider, I will welcome this patient, show respect by avoiding eye contact as some Asian countries consider making eye contact as rude. Maintaining eye contact is not done with individuals of East Asian cultural backgrounds. Also, the Japanese culture, teaches against maintaining   eye contact with others as it is believed to disrespectful (Uono & Hietanen, 2015). I will make the patient understand that I am familiar with culture of adult children caring for their aged parents. I will explain to the patient that he should not consider himself a burden to his daughter as the daughter is maintaining the requirement of their culture. This will encourage a relaxing environment that will enable the patient to feel accepted and ready to relate with the health care provider. Respect for the patient’s spiritual and religious belief is also vital. The patient should be asked about any spiritual belief that may affect his healthcare when sick or dying. Also, the APRN should inquire about spiritual or religious groups that the patient may belong that could be supportive in providing some assistance to his healthcare. Spirituality and faith help Asian-Americans manage the turmoil of adapting to a new country, by providing a safe environment where immigrants can socialize and be of assistance to one another (Lee & Eun-Kyoung, 2017). Sensitive Issues I will inquire if the patient is compliant with taking his medications as prescribed and access for the use of over the counter, herbal, or traditional medications. This is especially important as the patient takes lisinopril 10mg QD, prilosec 20mg QD, …

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