Short answer 11 questions briefly 

1. How is energy harvested through cellular respiration?

2. How is the transfer of electrons involved when your cells extract energy from fuel molecules?

3. Outline and describe each step in glycolysis.

4. Outline and describe each step in the citric acid cycle.

5. What is the estimated number of ATP molecules produced from a single molecule of glucose?  How many from each process in cellular respiration?

6. What are autotrophs and why are they significant?

7. Explain (in writing…using you own words) what is being diagrammed in Figure 7.2 starting with the picture of the leaf and ending with the picture of the thylakoid. Demonstrate your understanding by using the bold terms from section 7.2 in your description.

8. What do light reactions and the Calvin cycle have to do with photosynthesis?

9. What three components involved in the light reactions areimbedded in the thylakoid membrane?

10. How is the energy created by the light reactions used to reduce CO2 to sugar?

11. Explain some ways in which photosynthesis is globally significant.

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