Assignment 3 The following questions refer to the Art Course database. You can obtain a copy of this data in the Access 2010 database, located on Canvas the course Web site listed below under this assignment or you could simply download it by clicking the file name here Art_Course_Database.accdb ). CUSTOMER (CustomerNumber, CustomerName, Phone) COURSE (CourseNumber, Course, CourseDate, Fee) ENROLLMENT (CustomerNumber, CourseNumber, AmountPaid) where CustomerNumber in ENROLLMENT must exist in CustomerNumber in CUSTOMER CourseNumber in ENROLLMENT must exist in CourseNumber in COURSE Write SQL queries to produce the following results: 1) List all occurrences of Adv. Pastels. Include all associated fields for each occurrence of the class. 2) List the minimum, maximum, and average full fee amount paid in the ENROLLMENT table. 3) List the total amount paid by each enrolled customer. 4) List the customer full name in one column whose last name ends with letters ‘son’. Sort the results by customer last name in descending order. 5) List the CustomerNumber and the amount due for those customers who haven’t paid in full for their courses yet.

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